Marrakech Desert Tours

“Marrakech Desert Tours” is the most outstanding beautiful Morocco tours. Starting from Marrakech (one the most attractive tourist destination in the world) and covering many regions in the south of Morocco.
In Marrakech, you will discover the “medina”, this distinct city section represents the whole culture and closed chapters of a previous urban civilization that still lives among the evolving society, without letting go of its roots.
Leaving the ochre city of Marrakech and heading a little further south, the unique exquisite “Marrakech Desert tours” will draw an awe expression on your face and, undoubtedly, would succeed your expectations; everything shall be going smoothly from head to toe. Through this trip you will, vividly, discover the fabulous countrysides of the south of Morocco and live the lively moment through the hips of nature facing the steep slopes of the fascinating palm groves.
Morocco Sahara Desert tours from Marrakech offer you years of history as well as the chance to meet the indigenous people of this marvelous landscape (the shepherds on the way surrounded by sheep and goats besides women with colorful clothes carrying clay water jars on their heads coming back from the river), you will see how hospitable they are and why not to have mint tea together while enjoying the dazzling panoramic views of nature.
During this amazing Marrakech desert tours, you will be in touch with the Morocco Sahara desert architecture, in particular the Kasbahs. Kasbah stands as a defensive building with windowless big walls, it is mostly found in the center of the old cities and particularly on hilltop; its prominent role are guard and safety when the city is under attack. It has a unique shape which amazes the beholders.
Furthermore, the sumptuous sunrise on sand dunes; the magnificent contrast, shadows, lights and colors will catch your soul and leave you in astonishment.
Riding the camel in the vast desert of Merzouga; enjoying the rhythm of swinging while following the footsteps of the ancient caravans would be such an exceptional experience that you can only live by choosing the Marrakech Desert Tours.
By opting for the Marrakech Desert Tours, you will give yourself the opportunity to live the dream of a thousand and one Arabian nights by simply exploring the southern Morocco, a region of paradise iridescent with palm groves and oases of tranquility that touch the desert and embraces the regions of Ouarzazat, Er-rachidia, Figuig, Erfoud, Merzouga, Zagora, Mhamid El-Ghouzlane and many more that we suggest you visit.

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